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We know how sometimes you just want to know how to do things right now! In fact, probably two days ago would've been the best time.

Things change fast with kids. We've put together our years of experience, practical tips, research-based solutions and everyday wisdom for you to read, in your own home, at your own pace, as and when you need it most.

See our solutions for how to manage if your kid's been labelled a 'picky eater' and how to encourage healthy, happy eaters from tots to teens.

Ongoing support can really help you make a success out of the changes you're making to help grow a happy family. We've put together a VIP access group where we can support you more with:

  • Expert and non-judgmental advice
  • Exclusive Facebook closed group where you can take part in regular Q&A sessions, including from our registered professional guest speakers. Support from our community of like minded parents.
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What, Why and How to feed my kids: Age group 1-5 years old

Are you looking for respectful approaches to raise a competent little eater?

  • She's feels good about food and eating
  • He's confident in eating a varied diet and trying new foods
  • She feels happy about the food choices she's making
  • He's able to tell you when he's full and knows how to trust and tune into his body so he eats as much as he needs

We've sifted through the research. We've filtered all the internet opinions. We've experienced this ourselves and we've supported other families in their journeys.

And this is the result.

Our how-to book walks you through the truth about nutrition- what current research really tells us about what to feed our kids. We touch base with the basics, and look at what the different foods group are. Then we share with you how the main foods groups work when you're feeding healthy kids. We've delved into the truth behind hot topics such as managing sugar and sweet foods, gluten & dairy.

We'll show you how to start the life-long habit that can help your kids have a positive relationship with food and their body. Raising happy, healthy eaters from that first bite by introducing mindful eating techniques for tots and toddlers..

Take back control of family mealtimes: we look at the benefits of shared meals, and share tips for creating a peaceful meal time that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We'll share how to avoid 'picky eating' type behaviours and other common food challenges. And then we help you decide what to feed your kids with our inspired meal choices, including guidance on nutrient boosting food combinations

We'll share really practical tools for understanding your child's eating & food intake, while developing independent, competent eating behaviours.

See how you can help your kids learn about food, bodies and the world around us. We'll give you the tools to learn how to deal with your kids pushing boundaries, or challenging mealtime behaviours.

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