Feeding a Growth Mindset

A downloadable guide to help you nurture your child's relationship with food & body using connection and understanding

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Sometimes parenting can be really hard! Dinner time can especially be a source of stress and frustration for many families

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • They are scared to try new foods
  • They avoid anything with a hint of green or that grew on a tree!
  • Food throwing! Cup tipping! Cutlery banging!
  • The thought of dining out or visiting someone's house for dinner seems out of the question.

Does your child's behaviour at mealtimes leave you frustrated and confused?

Understanding what drives your child's behaviour, holds the key to responding in a way that supports learning and builds relationships.

What if mealtimes were an opportunity to build skills that will support you and your child in life's challenges - at the table and beyond?

We want to help your family enjoy peaceful meals together. We also believe the dinner table is the perfect place to feed a growth mindset for the whole family. Having a growth mindset towards food means every meal is a new opportunity to enjoy and learn together.

Just as your child is learning about the world around them, so too are you learning to be their parent.

What you will get from our Feeding a growth mindset guide

  • Understand what your child needs from you most at their every stage of development from ages 1-5.
  • Identify and build on your own parenting strengths.
  • Prevent mealtime battles, find confidence in your parenting decisions and nurture a child who is a joy to share a meal with.